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The 'Route de Vignobles' (The old Wine route) runs directly through Lhomme village and continues past Les Aulnaies on its way            westward. You can walk, drive or cycle along it and every few  kilometers you will find the opportunity to taste and purchase, the local    wines of Jasnieres and Coteaux. A short pleasant walk through the vineyards brings you to a local picnic spot at Mon Idée, commanding superb panoramic views over the valley.

Another local attraction is the dolman, a stone circle as seen below.

Photos of the wine route and Les Aulnaies from the panorama, and the Dolman.

Around Lhomme        

The Musee de la Vigne (Wine museum), situated in the centre of Lhomme displays everything you need to know about the local wines Jasnieres and Coteaux. The museum includes a video of barrel making, and tells the story of wine making through the seasons. Limited opening throughout July, August and September.

Enjoy an inexpensive meal at the restaurant in the village or walk down to the little stone bridge.

Photos of Lhomme

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