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The National Forest of Berce


The National Forest of Berce, has 3000 hectares of oak and 2400 acres of other varieties of woodland species.

This is the perfect place for walking, cycling, horse riding and picnics, as there are over 315km of way marked tracks, (100km of bridle paths) and many picnic areas.

There are 65 different species of birds, 1000 different species of fungi and there are 220 naturally occurring water sources.

The oak trees are an amazing site. The tallest are around 50 meters tall. One of these, the Boppe oak, came down in 1934 and leaves a stump some 4.77 meters in circumference.  The forest commission has made a feature of this and has created a visitors area with beds to lie on to look up at the canopy.

There are many guided walks and organised events over the summer, including night walks to hear various owl species in the forest.

If you prefer to cycle through the forest,you can hire mountain bikes from the nearest village of Jupilles for half a day.