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Chateau-du-Loir (recently renamed Montval sur Loir)

Chateau-du-Loir a sizable town a mere 12km away and the ancestral home of the Plantagenet family.


This is where you will find the larger supermarkets and shopping areas. There is a large market every Saturday and Wednesday opposite the town hall, as seen above.

There is an indoor swimming pool which caters for families and children, as well as serious swimmers, and has a large outdoor one which is open in the summer months.


Places to visit in Chateau du Loir

Railway museum (Rotonde Ferroviaire) - a fifties railway site with a restored swing bridge, free entry but check opening as each month is different.

Keep of the old castle - the only remaining trace of the castle.

Church of St Guingalois - an 11th century church.