Le Mans Classics




Held every two years on the big circuit, the Le Mans classic has many different types of prestigious car taking to the track, divided into several groups.

All beautiful cars have a place at Le Mans Classic and offer a unique panorama over the best of car manufacturing. In the race on the big 24H layout, in the whole circuit with the History of Automobile told through some 8000 Club cars or thanks to the two '24' clubs: Le Mans Heritage and the Supercars Superspace, and the manufacturers new models display …

This three day event, Friday through to Sunday, has many events and activities, with competitive races and parades on track. There are exhibitions, activities, parades, mini trains and vintage buses. Over 7000 cars tell the automobile story. There is always the helicopter flight over the track or you can book a trip around the track on a vintage bus.


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